I came from a fall silence in this strange winter

24 Dec 2011

I also in memories with last year Chrysanthemum bloom of Shi quarter, reminds stand in Longshan Park of tower above, overlooks with full Park aureus of flowers, and drunk in Chrysanthemum Buy Runescape Gold Plexus among of pedestrian, like is a section people Dragon, crammed of straight stretch to opposite of river bin, is was River and past of vessel in the middle cut off, struggled in river bin Park of shore, for cannot bulk to. Unfortunately, this year in the garden of Chrysanthemum season I haven’t been able to come.
I came from a fall, silence in this strange winter, occasionally blowing with the wind has also become more cold, lingering rain like a wet skies, always down in a no rules. This ain’t no sunshine in winter, in time as if in a bucket of sand leakage loss of a silent, almost imperceptibly I have lived in Chongqing for more than two months. In the two months I pressed each step, walk through every street was so fresh and so strange.Chongqing’s winter always rain ceaseless, fog color confusion. Sometimes, Sunshine through the clouds in a casual, exposure, in this wet Li Li city, is also short, invisible dusk the rosy clouds, nor the beautiful sunset.Under the fog color of diffuse sky, this beautiful mountain town is even more strange, perhaps, there is no city as well as here, is always built his house on the mountains. Walk in the jungle tree low climbing those stairs, Lookout buildings really feel the history in the distance.

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