Busy life and work I am a long time ago not

24 Dec 2011

Many pedestrians hurried pace of reading man or happy or sad expressions of the face. Although with a mixed face, do not forget to move your feet, split jerk flies and forward goes forward. High-rise buildings along the road, also try mutual high and have a competition who will get the highest position stands in the world. Ang my first look, the skyscraper looks not to the top, seems it’s going into the cloud. Magnificent decoration store, also in the race to show off their gorgeous color, seems to attract customers in it, stroll around, then willing to “consume”!
Busy life and work, I am a long time ago not to appreciate the scenery around carefully. Lofty stands apart from high-rise buildings, as society changed pace do less. This road, still I often stroll never change. Willow dance next to the road, a small waist dancing. Just gently pull the Willow shoots, smell it was circulated by the scent, I love it says: “willow, or are you the most considerate. With rapid changes in the world around you, you still stand by the roadside and shelter. You don’t abandon should be ashamed of, seek refuge with people you’re thin body.Only the world after the rain, took out back

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