The same street, the same night unchanging landscape

7 Dec 2011

At night, come at the appointed time, the sky, as always buy wow gold cheap, hanging black drapery. Perhaps you do not see the stars blink to me, perhaps lost Moon by my side, perhaps flowers leaf is not, or the past went away, and such a world, a bit out of all of a sudden, this late last night, I started a little used to it.
The same street, the same night, unchanging landscape, unchangeable I. Forget has to this pace go has how long, does not know to will footsteps falls will where, also don’t to wanted to in this section familiar of road repeat has how many again, I only may go good now of road, only wanted to to a leisurely of attitude has been go, has been go, until wind infants tired has, cloud infants disappeared missing has, until heart infants tired has, dream infants appeared has.
Dream does not appear, I was already tired. Tired, stop and look back in time, only to find when the mark has not knows when to lift the wail of a North wind, leaving behind, but no one said a desolate. Like many years ago, one of the things, like a shadow in the memory, just as love hate in the world, once gone, can only spare some vague, only dash of regret.

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