There are things that seek the elusive so everything is not so hard

29 Nov 2011

People sometimes really very reluctant, who said that love would last forever? But gone blank. Who said that love is the most beautiful? But why countless sad person in the world. Who is who to Waterloo Bridge WOW Gold? Jhy hard water, in the event of wushan is not a cloud. If you really like people to say it, that’s really the eternal now, unfortunately
Zhang Ai-ling said: life is like a beautiful coat, climbing above is full of lice. Emotion to the life of her, thought will always be happy, nobody thought that the final outcome is: love is never one thing has nothing to do with other people! But I liked her from the heart, I love her tolerance, magnanimity, and after the separation, she sent her own fee once your loved one! Maybe this for her, this is a sad thing, but a happy thing!
There are things that seek the elusive, so everything is not so hard, the treasure the friends. Their loved one to your family and friends. Life is so for several decades, do not let myself regret. When we look back at it, and said to myself: I have come across, but has not to be missed!
20 years, I have not done what successful exam of universities is not my favorite, professional is not my favorite.But I must choose, I have no reason not to go on. Saying: the love of my choice! Anyway, do you sincerely I don’t like doing things. Or is that sentence: serious work, get down man! When you have no choice when you can only do what you can do things. Future too slim, is fraught with uncertainty, who can guarantee that the subsequent road smooth going




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