Side scuttles in addition to ink vast aircraft lonely walk through the dark night sky

29 Nov 2011

The road, one person alone, used always in such a quiet night secretly slipped into vast thing about memories, no roots of thought began to spread, hovering above the nearly barren of the weiyang nameless pain. Monthly busy every day and wander seems to stretch the hint of sadness, distant thought is no place to place, like dandelions in the wind, destined to wander to go with the wind.
30,000 feet in the air, rumbling engines ROAR monotonous, the window is infinite ink-static. In such a night, the stars are lazy closed his eyes, deathly silence in the engine room. Occasionally be traveled by all kinds of flight attendants, smiling face, wrote this tired and busy night. Dim light all the more enchanting white scenery outside the window in the cabin the night black, has been placed in this night how much loneliness. Taste with a silky soft night time is infinite stretching. In such a forgotten lonely on the height of while you enjoy the calm water of this short. Fascinated by this kind of free thinking without thinking, it was started as a quiet, while Wang in still water, silence lay in the days of high, wide, not to disturb the slinking in the world.
Side scuttles in addition to ink vast aircraft lonely walk through the dark night sky, rootless thoughts in idleness in a long black like in the water. Receded during the bustling crowds, washed yesterday-Ness, enjoy the height of 30,000 miles of tranquility. View ink color static screens, mottled-dots of pure reflection of night life, reach and the quiet beauty, so people who can’t. What forgotten, bearing in mind the little under cover of night and outrageous intrusion into the heart, lonely and distressed in the endless spread of familiar space. Thoughts of a nameless bloomed upon the height of Centerless, forgotten or bearing in mind that, at this moment is that Misty to pale.

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