In traditional cultural philosophy with the Sun and moon with its express

29 Nov 2011

Bacterial blight known deep autumn day when branches and leaves, meso-its always the same, like entering the thirty years of age often looked in the mirror after the climb up the corner of wrinkles Cheap WOW Gold, it prints shown in this time, remind the human season. This has been to the depth of autumn, but the autumn there is continuous rain often moist, still land dark green. Bath a brisk wind affection autumn cold and nearly forgotten force as they age can not always timely adjustment, often remembered years after carried away to the stable, mature in autumn.This morning, suddenly realized that the fall close to the lonely attack coming.
In traditional cultural philosophy: “with the Sun and moon with its express, the heaven and its morality, and the four seasons-in their sequence, and ghosts-their good or ill luck. “Follow into posterity, comply with the laws of nature and life. However, when humans walked the long years, well-behaved personalized pattern to break tradition by the publication of the new Millennium self. I think walking on the edge of fashion and tradition, emotions are always hard beats traditional seasonal circulation, whenever someone else’s lengthy praise praise when autumn splendor, I share it Toyozane gifts, full of imagination in the dull, bleak following the dedication, light blue over the heart.
The season begins, Yun-development, opening in the circle of prosperity, but what about the people! When spring Yun-the development of strong, work with passion in the Hsia and reap a rich and colorful in autumn, Yat enjoy old age, will wait for the winter, “and the four seasons-in-sequence”, which is undoubtedly a successful life.
In many cases, we just can’t grasp in the spring and summer of Yun, allowed to discuss mound briefly, when autumn comes, will not be discovered in the bag empty, empty, sad, for winter, lamented life seasons not again!
Total thought plain of life in the I will harvest more happiness; total thought does not like cool of life in the I will won more happy, however Dang I stands in life autumn of edge, in that Ray wiped does not to of subtle sadness in the, I heard has heart sound of shout: life shouldn’t “played down”, everything should let it to of warm to of natural, conform to the natural rule, do since has maximum efforts to do extreme, life only will coldness. And I can’t afford to just weilan’s lifestyle in a distorted conclusion to absolve himself doing nothing.

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