When want to suddenly cry accompany me want to do when I want to do

21 Nov 2011

Identity, identity is not what you want to have a presence, perhaps, identity is very important for some people.Only for myself is so transparent, so I do not feel like. So Flash, impulse, I really want to try to start, but still not out of his mouth go out knowing three words, I do not know what to think, I hate myself, hate hate Cheap WOW Gold. I don’t know anything he wants, his own thought that kind of life do not know. Eat out, I say good whatever. If before, I want to eat what is their decision, but now is gone, I almost forgot what they like to eat potatoes, biscuits, tarts, red bean bread. However, I don’t see who can join me for. I like bread he doesn’t like, I do not like eating he certainly is to eat. He doesn’t like I like to eat sugar. Sometimes feel very tired, you know, I think when a person faced with my child, are tired of. Have asked you, and be with me as a child, are you not tired at all, you say that is your thing you like. Oh, right, but I know you must be very tired, very tired, one day, you can’t afford to have, you’ll leave, I at that time, be very afraid. Yes, I was afraid of me by now I am no longer a, now I’m a lot less, jiaoyang Lamping was not by my side with me, my remarks were not, they are all gone, I think they have, but can only think to them, just talk to chat, just for a moment. I am tired, really, sometimes really want to have a warm embrace.
When want to suddenly cry, accompany me, want to do when I want to do, with me. Didn’t want you to talk to my condition, does not want anyone to talk to my condition. However, sometimes I’m so tired, I don’t know what do with the status I, I’m just used to living like this, I can’t change this attitude, perhaps I grew up not really learn something. I want a man who could be playing with me, it’s that simple. But who can do this. Pay and rewards can never draw an equal sign, can say may return more with less, it’s hard to say, probably not. This is not something we can estimate.

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