After the accident made me really ruined a lot was caused by his

21 Nov 2011

Sometimes really feel that was a bad decision, I chose this road, but now can’t save. I was tired, and sometimes I really feel that everything is pointless, really nothing can make me back. Because of patriarchal relationships, I have been really was a transparent German identity, used this identity, slowly after long roots deep, large numb after more used to it. After the accident, made me really ruined a lot, was caused by his also, who do not complain. Until after graduating from the helplessness of the summer vacation period. I’m not really what you want. Just thought it simple enough, really. Don’t ask too much, let me simple minded not to give too many things. However, the world is not allowed, there are always so many people ask that you answer, ask that you answer, not something you can decide. My mess, too. Has really become a passive life, really a lot less active.At least when faced with emotional perception issue, I’ve never really take the initiative, which I admit.
With me every day is a bunch of junk food and their helpless, I do sooner or later I’ll destroy himself. Oh, suddenly felt terrible, became in this way, I really don’t want to.
Always wanted to escape, do not want RS Gold, stay here. I really own attitude problems, but I do not go in the face, a person can’t help me. I really do. But I, for one, you can also do it.




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