A beauty of tears, one thought of Acacia mangium broken

17 Sep 2011

Setting month away thinking, continues to be a bright moon asked, dancing without pace, night quiet, moon shadow alone, qinghui forms, Acacia claims melancholy occupy one \’ s mind, tear of ice ying, drops cold hearts.
Silent nights spent cold, calm lingering breeze of this long. Red dust at midnight a lonely, always filled chord, Yan Xiang ink, text boil a cup of water, let the soul fly in poetry the word sea. Miss covered with blue pen, tour Ke fragmented remnant, and tear down, beat covered with unabated feelings, memories of sprawling, mottled.
Moon door, purple cross Xiao blowing, hold a thread of night is coming to an end, across the wind of the Tang dynasty, song of rain, walking with the cold corner, looking back, pick a little laughing embedded Moon memories.
Alone against the window lattice, closed eyes, daydream quietly. In the poems of leptin in the deep of night in the cold, take a Moonlight listens to the wind, a thread of melancholy of the Qing dynasty, pulse coagulation in a fragrant, such as: flying youth whizzing sth
This comfortable quiet atmosphere, drunk noise during the day being carried a quiet piece of nature, armed with half a cup of tea, my thoughts and awesome views of an atmosphere of this subtle fog, winds its way distant, only sleep also sail, also floated.
Hold a holds the water Moon, arm sleeve breeze, with a roll of book. Melody beautiful feelings. The poignant and great, the melody is still lingering about long after the performance, such as Lotus blooms, Yuli TINGTING; such as Butterfly pistil fly, like Dragonfly dance in water. Violin sounds faint, such as clear spring in streams, Woods, rhododendron voice muffled. Naturally themselves into fresh and quiet mood, sad sad mood.
Sang in this without words, as if seeing a woman, against the window to see far away, deep eyes, as if heard be full of passion, full of thoughts and endless expectations. Feel the consistent fidelity tenacity and perseverance.

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